Report: Newcomer Already Wants To Leave Patriots…For Red Sox

Matt Judon has just signed his deal with the New England Patriots and he already wants out. Sort of. The newcomer seems to be ready to leave the Patriots at least for a while.

Head coach Bill Belichick offered Judon a four-year deal. The talented linebacker may be looking forward to signing a deal with another team.

Judon took to Twitter Friday to make a suggestion for the Boston Red Sox. He would love to sign a 10-day contract. The linebacker shared a photo of him at Fenway Park.

“Okay hear me out,” he wrote. “@DeionSanders did it. @RedSox let me get a 10 day see what I got. And if it’s a no thank you for the Amazing night.”

Judon also took to his Instagram to share a few more pics.

“I’m playing the main character in a movie,” the caption read.

The newcomer won’t really leave the Patriots

The 260-pounder signed a four-year deal worth $56 million this offseason. He has great skills and the Patriots should get the best of him.

Head coach Bill Belichick respects versatile players and Judon is the perfect match. The energetic linebacker is all-in when it comes to helping teams win games.

The Patriots have Dont’a Hightower and Josh Uche on the roster and Judon will join them for the big game.

Coach B made a big splash in free agency and getting Judon was a smart move.

NFL analysts have great description for Judon. Bucky Brooks says that Judon can perform much better than Chris Jones from the Kansas City Chiefs. Judon is a stud and he is hungry for a win. That’s why the Patriots signed him. He came to New England to win and the Patriots rebuilt the roster, adjusting it to perfection.

The Patriots changed their roster a lot in the offseason. They brought some familiar names and Belichick also targeted top free agents. It will be a good season for the team and Mac Jones will be leading the way. The rookie took full control over the offense and NFL experts have great predictions for the team.