Shaquille O’Neal’s Net Worth in 2021 Revealed

Shaquille O’Neal is making the coolest headlines these days and everyone is talking about his net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the NBA icon has $60 million salary each year between all the off-court deals. In his long basketball season, the giant earned $292 million from his game.

O’Neal is really busy right now and he is involved in a lot of deals outside the basketball world. The former Lakers superstar is the joint owner of several Auntie Anne’s Pretzels restaurants. He also owns 100 car washes, and 40 24-hour fitness centers.

Shaq O’Neal will keep that net worth growing

So, where do those millions come from? It’s all about the brands he owns.

“My real business is I own 50 brands,” Shaquille O’Neal explained. “So, when I was retiring, I’m looking around, I’m like ‘How does Michael Jackson and all these guys live forever?’ One of the chapters in the book, joint venture-ship. So, I called the three companies [seemingly Authentic brand group, Simon property group, and Brookfield property partners] that helped people live forever, and they bought my brand for a lot of money. So, I took half that money, put it back in the company, now I’m the number two guy in the company.”

Big Shaq didn’t say much about how much of the brands he owns, but we do know he owns bits of Playboy, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and JC Penney.

The NBA legend also earned money in real estate deals. In January 2021, O’Neal sold his Florida home for $16 million. He paid just $4 million to get the mansion. That’s not all. The same happened with the LA mansion. Shaq is really earning money with these deals.

The biggest deal was made with Papa John’s. O’Neal joined the board in 2019 and this deal gave him more than $8 million. The big fella invested $840,000 to get 30% of group in Atlanta.

Well, basketball players get a lot of money from their off-court business. LeBron James is earning a lot of money from his endorsement deals. The same goes to Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.