Watch: Julian Edelman Show Off Impression Of Coach Bill Belichick

Julian Edelman was playing under head coach Bill Belichick for quite some time and he knows him really well. The former wideout spent his entire career with the New England Patriots. He knows what Belichick is capable of. You can tell that by the expression on his face. Patriots players keep hearing this “Do your job” phrase. Well, it rings in their ears. Retired Patriots players know it best. Edelman is one of them. If you ask the 2018 Super Bowl MVP, he will say that “What are we doing” is something you keep hearing even after your retirement. Edelman revealed his big impression of awesome Bill Belichick following the loss to Miami.

In the latest episode of “Inside the NFL”, Edelman revealed what Belichick used to say each and every time players went out of control. He had no excuse for bad games and lousy performances. He used to say “What are we doing?” every time the team failed to perform or made a mistake. We bet the 2021 Patriots team hears this phrase quite often.

Julian Edelman reminds teammates of his impression of Bill Belichick

Can Edelman count all the times Belichick used this phrase in the last 12 years? Too many. He hears it in his dreams, too.

Here’s what he tweeted recently. A lot of Patriots players will agree with him on this one.

Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that Belichick is the best head coach in the league. It also doesn’t change the fact that Edelman is the best receiver. These two have nothing but words of praise for one another. Belichick once said that Edelman is the most hardworking player he has ever coached. The wideout didn’t disappoint his coach and had a pretty successful performance every time the Patriots took the field in the past decade.

Edelman is out of the game now, but he follows every move the Patriots make. He watched their game against the Miami Dolphins in the season opener. It was a loss for the Patriots, but Edelman was pretty excited about Mac Jones. The rookie quarterback definitely got his attention.