Watch: Mac Jones Take Field For First Time As Patriots’ Starting Quarterback

Pretty much everyone wanted to see Mac Jones take the field for the New England Patriots in Week 1. The young quarterback won the quarterback battle last week. Head coach Bill Belichick sent Cam Newton home and put Jones at center. The first-rounder looked more than impressive in the preseason, winning three games with the Patriots. He did a good job in the third game of the preseason and Belichick made the final decision. So, the rookie got the job, and we got to see him take the lead at Gillette Stadium.

The Miami Dolphins are the first team to come to New England in 2021. It’s a rather challenging game for both teams and the Patriots have an advantage over their rivals. Coach Belichick brought all the players he needed to win and most of his starters are healthy and ready for the game.

Mac Jones plans to take the field for the win

Jones took the field and fans got really excited. The Patriots defense promised to take the load off of him and this will give Jones a chance to do his job.

The rookie quarterback will join forces with Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry. He is not the only rookie to try and make an impact. Rookie running back Rhamondre Stevenson is also here to shoe off.

Coach Belichick spent $163 million in the offseason. Is it worth it? Well, this game will be the first glimpse of how the Patriots’ spending spree will fit in the regular season.

NFL experts have high expectations for the Patriots rookie. He is all-in when it comes to winning games. The Patriots trusted the Alabama quarterback because he is focused and hungry to win. All eyes will be on Jones tonight and this should give him extra motivation to win this game. He will have to beat Tua Tagovailoa on the field. They both come from Alabama though. This makes things a little tricky right now. New England has great team and Jones will work with an excellent group of players. Game on, Patriots!