Watch: Russell Westbrook Takes on Villain Role in Upcoming Documentary

Russell Westbrook shared his story in his new documentary called “Passion Play.” The newly-signed Los Angeles Lakers veteran used the opportunity to warn fans about all the misinterpretation he’s been dealing with. People misunderstood him on multiple occasions and Broddie became the bad guy.

Well, Russ is here to tell you his side of the story. We know that he is one of the most competitive players out there. A lot of fans compared him to Kobe Bryant. Russ has something to say to his fans and doubters.

“In the sports world, I am the bad guy. People don’t really understand who I am,” Westbrook says in the trailer. “Because there’s really nobody to compare [me to]. I’m Russell.”

Russell Westbrook has the ultimate documentary

Passion Play portrays a player who never got the opportunity to explain his style and game. The press release for the documentary suggests that Westbrook is “a late bloomer who didn’t start on his high school basketball team until his junior year.” Well, Westbrook became one of the best point guards the NBA has ever seen. Broddie holds the career record for triple-double performances (184). The All-Star earned the MVP award in 2017.

Fans will get the chance to see some behind the scenes footage with the veteran and his family. You will also get to see “rare footage and extensive interviews” with Russ and other players. According to this documentary, he is “a caring and loyal family man” who will give everyone a chance to “Redefine who they think he is.”

Westbrook is really proud to share his new documentary. His talent has been making headlines for a really long time.

In 2020, the New York Times wrote that Russ is one of the most divisive NBA players in the past few decades.

How will fans react to the documentary? Will it change his NBA career? There are so many questions we’d like to ask right now. The documentary is here and Russ can move on with his preparations for the new season with the Lakers. He is going after his first ring!