WR N’Keal Harry Trolls Cam Newton With New Uniform In latest IG Post

N’Keal Harry and Cam Newton seem to have developed a strong relationship on the field but the receiver’s latest post on Twitter made us ask questions. The former first round pick shared a photo of him and his new uniform… Oh, people will be talking about this for a really long time.

Harry is making his way to the top again. I guess the talented wide receiver needed some time off to get his thoughts right. He requested a trade through his agent, but here he is today, sporting a new number on the field.

Patriots fans were a bit worried about Harry’s future with the team. He missed a lot of time in the past two seasons and yes, he failed to meet everyone’s expectations. The Patriots selected him in the first round of the NFL draft but he didn’t really perform as a first-rounder.

Harry’s connection with Tom Brady was also a problem. The former Patriots quarterback didn’t connect with the rookie and this was definitely a problem. Brady said he lacked weapons to win games and Harry was one of the “problems” he had to deal with.

N’Keal Harry takes a shot at Cam Newton?

Patriots players had great thoughts of the player, and Newton was his greatest supporter. So why did he troll the quarterback?

Harry and his teammates got fresh uniforms, and the wide receiver got Newton’s number. He even posed with it! Well, the man knows how to attract everyone’s attention. It’s interesting to note that Harry was the first player to leave the organization this summer. No one thought that Newton will be cut instead of the player.

Newton was one of the greatest supporters Harry had in New England. However, Harry’s footwork coach made a few comments on the quarterback. He was literally convinced that Newton was responsible for Harry’s failure. Of course, the wide receiver said he has nothing to do with these comments and continued his great relationship with the signal-caller.

One thing stands for sure. Some people didn’t like Harry’s bragging on social media. They even said he was being disrespectful towards his former teammate.

We are still waiting for Harry’s response to these reactions.