Bill Belichick Was Asked To Name His Favorite Adult Beverage

Bill Belichick was recently asked about his favorite adult beverage and he responded very much in line with what we would expect. The Patriots are coming off a huge victory against the New York Jets. They were able to pull out the win 54-13. This is a big margin for a win and the Patriots showed that they can at least clean up in the easy games. The offense and defense as a whole looked more impressive than they have in previous weeks.

But instead of being asked about the game, Bill Belichick was asked about his adult beverage of choice. And as you would expect, he responded with a short answer.

“Whatever’s cold,” he answered.

Bill Belichick Was Asked To Name His Favorite Adult Beverage

This is pretty good from Bill Belichick. He was also asked about the same and what he thought of his team’s performance.

“Proud of the way the team’s bounced back here and hopefully we can string another good set of days together and head out to [Los Angeles],” Belichick said about their next game.

“It was just kind of the right situation,” said Belichick. “Josh does a great job of mixing plays in to take advantage of the defense’s over-aggressiveness.

“It was great call by Josh and obviously very well executed by everybody,” Belichick added. “You know, [Agholor], just kind of the right timing of getting the defender to come up and then get behind him. And obviously [Bourne] made a great throw.”

“I thought our guys did a real good job today, players were ready to go,” Belichick noted. “We had a good week and came out, got off to a good start, and played from ahead.”

“It is if it hasn’t gone well in practice,” the Patriots’ coach explained. “But usually when it goes well in practice, you gain confidence in it, they gain confidence in it, and you call it. When you don’t do it well in practice, then honestly it usually doesn’t get called.

“Sometimes it’s a little different in the game because the aggressiveness of the defense might be different than what the aggressiveness is of the scout team,” Belichick continued. “So sometimes some of those plays are really designed to get everybody up and then get behind them. You don’t always get that reaction in practice but again, generally speaking some of our one-time plays, misdirection or double-passes, things like that, those guys have executed them pretty well in practice. So I have confidence in them.”