Chase Winovich Shares How He Suffered Injury In Patriots Loss

Chase Winovich has come out with how he had an injury injured in the New England Patriots loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The Patriots are now 2-4 on the year, not the record that the Patriot fans were looking forward to in the off season. It is clear that they have quite a few things that they are needing to work on if they want to progress in the year. But now, instead of good news, more of the bad.

Chase Winovich was injured in the game and has revealed how it happened.

“I got pushed in the back and planted on it,” he said. “But I’m not really allowed to talk about injuries, so that’s all I can say.”

“If you’re dwelling on the past or you care too much about what happened, especially when it comes to things like records — well, it’s in the past,” Winovich said. “Literally, you can’t change it. It just is what it is. And what we’ve shown is whether it’s the Bucs, whether it’s the Cowboys, time and time again, we’re in these games. We’ve just got to find a way to get wins. At the end of the day, that’s the only stat that matters.

Chase Winovich Shares How He Suffered Injury In Patriots Loss

“As someone who has ‘Win’ as the first three letters of his last name, that’s definitely something that I take a lot of pride in. I’m here to try to help us accomplish that in any way I can. Obviously, stuff like injuries and stuff make the personal contribution a little tougher, a little trickier, but a rising tide raises all ships, and whatever I can do to raise that tide here, I’m going to try to spend my energy on.”

Bill Belichick also talked about the loss after the game.

“Tough one to lose tonight,” Belichick told reporters after the game.

“Give Dallas credit,” said Belichick. “They’re a good team, well coached. We just came up a little bit short. I thought we went toe-to-toe with them for 60 minutes. They just made a few more plays than we did. Let’s give them credit for that and move on.”

“They’re a good team and that’s what you have to do,” he explained. “You have to stop them.”

“He did a good job,” Belichick said of Prescott. “You know there were a lot of times where I thought we had him covered pretty well but he was able to extend some plays and made some great throws. They have very good skill players.”

“We covered a flat receiver and then they beat us on the over route,” he summarized, “another extended play. Obviously didn’t play it well enough, didn’t coach it well enough.”