Damien Harris, Mac Jones Share Movie-Worthy Friendship

Damien Harris and Mac Jones have excellent relationship and this connection helped them become great friends. The New England Patriots decided to trust Jones and brought him in the offseason. Jones stepped in as a replacement for Tom Brady. The first-rounder is doing a great job and his new teammates really like him.

Harris appeared on WEEI’s “Gresh & Keefe” show and talked about his connection with Jones. They know each other from Alabama and that makes their relationship even stronger.

“Mac is a great kid,” Harris said. “Obviously, everyone knows our story. Since Day 1, we’ve been best friends. I do consider him like a younger brother — the little brother I never had. I love being able to come to work with him every single day. We focus so much on what goes on on the field and the Xs and Os and what happened on the football field, but I think the great part of this game is the relationships that you form, the bonds that you build and the people that you meet. Those relationships can carry on through the rest of your life. I know Mac is a guy 30, 40, 50 years down the road, we’re still going to be the same we’ve always been. That (2008 comedy movie) “Step Brothers” mentality.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll make a movie together one day,” Harris continued on “Gresh & Keefe.” “Mac is like a little brother to me. He’s been a great friend. Obviously, has been a great teammate and a tremendous leader for our team. Very fortunate to have that relationship with him and to be able to continue to work with him every single day.”

Damien Harris and Mac Jones will win a lot of games together

Harris and Jones are facing a big challenge at the moment. The Patriots have a 2-4 record at this point of the regular season. Both Harris and Jones are doing an incredible job on the field and they will try to improve the record. Harris will have another groundbreaking season and that’s exactly what head coach Bill Belichick wants to see from his player. He did it in 2020 and he will do it again. The Patriots wanted to keep him around for a while and they made a really good decision.

New England lost the game to the Dallas Cowboys in overtime and they are now going after the New York Jets.