Former Lakers Star Reveals Shocking Truth About How Kobe-Shaq Dynasty Started

A former Lakers star has revealed the shocking truth about how the Kobe and Shaq dynasty started. The Lakers have struggled to a 1-2 record so far this season which has surprised some people around the NBA. It is clear that the team has the talent to win a title. But so far, the talent has failed to show up to games when needed and it is having a negative impact on the team and success thereof.

But besides that, an interesting story has popped up that caught the attention of some. Former Laker AC Green has talked about how the dynasty of Shaq and Kobe Bryant started and it is some interesting stuff.

“We got the Shaq group, the Kobe group, and the veteran guys who have already won a championship. We’re like in the middle, looking at one another like, ‘You know what we gotta do, right?,’ Green said on a recent podcast.

Former Lakers Star Reveals Shocking Truth About How Kobe-Shaq Dynasty Started

“Next thing you know, we’re like, ‘Coaches, can you all leave the room for a minute?’ Let’s just say some choice words were exchanged,” he continued. “Some voices got high. Some furniture got moved. The point got across and the mission got on. Then we went on another winning streak, and they finally started to see that this is how you win, and this is how you actually start to look out after one another.”

It seems a lot like what we already know but there are some interesting things said. Shaq and Kobe always acted like they didn’t like each other. But Shaq talked differently about the situation recently.

“I perpetuated it (the feud) out of the locker room because the one thing I understood was marketing. So, ‘I don’t like him and he don’t like me,’ and everybody talked about us. That’s all I want. It kind of went too far where people kind of believed it. If you believed then you think we win 3 out of 4?”

It seems like the play on the court spoke for itself.