Kent Bazemore Gives Brutally Honest Answer on Whether he Should Start Alongside LeBron James, Big 3

Kent Bazemore got a chance to win games with the Los Angeles Lakers, and everyone is asking a lot of questions about his chances to get a starting role this season. The Lakers will trust the Big 3 but they will really need more help from the rest of the players. Role players will have to try harder to make an impact this season. Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka signed a group of veterans in the offseason, but the team lost too many games in the preseason. Will Frank Vogel consider making changes to the starting line? Will Benzemore have a chance to start alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis?

Well, the talented player is not that confident about this possibility. He is still learning and fitting in the new-look roster is a big challenge. Players are still building their bonds with one another.

“I’m still figuring things out,” Benzemore said. “We’ve had injuries, we’ve had coaches been experimenting with lineups.. I’m just out there trying to figure it out. A lot of times I’m. out there watching myself on film and it’s kind of like a deer in the headlights just trying to read these guys on the team Russ, Bron, AD.”

Kent Bazemore wants to win games with the Lakers

Benzemore doesn’t like his performance and shot 37.5% from the field and 36% from three. Let’s see what happens next in the regular season.

“The most simplest I can put it is like having a new job. This is my fourth team in three seasons. Playbooks, personnel.. It’s been a lot of moving parts around me. Pushing a little bit of an identity crisis sometimes. I’ve been trying to climb out of that and trying to figure things out. The energy and effort is there which is what I’ve been focused on, the conditioning and how the body’s holding up. All that stuff will come in due time.”

Bazemore has had some stops in the NBA since the summer of 2019. He was part of the Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, and Golden State Warriors. Bazemore came to Los Angeles to win. He knows that he is a good fit for the Lakers. The talented player is joining a “great team” and he is more than happy to be part of the franchise.