Lakers’ Anthony Davis Brutally Honest Take on Preseason Opener Against Nets

The Los Angeles Lakers will have to work really hard to fix the roster and repair some of the damage. The team lost the preseason opener to the Brooklyn Nets and yes, the guys weren’t too happy about it. Big man Anthony Davis shared his thoughts on the struggles his team had during the preseason opener. According to him, LA has to work on the defense.

It was a nasty 123-97 loss to Brooklyn. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell Westbrook didn’t see any action on the floor. AD played just 11 minutes but it didn’t help the team win. Kevin Durant wasn’t playing, too, but NBA analysts have some concerns about Rob Pelinka’s roster. Will the General Manager make some changes to the roster? AD has some suggestions. Maybe LA will start off with the defensive side of the end.

“We’re way behind,” Davis said. “Getting movement on offense. Quality shots. Defensively, talking, getting our schemes right. Rebounding, very huge. We’re not boxing out. That was the main takeaway.”

Anthony Davis learned a lesson in the preseason opener

First, let’s see how will things roll once LeBron, Broddie, and Melo hit the floor. The front office traded for Westbrook for a reason. They gave up on three players to get him. Melo is more than motivated to win. LeBron… You know the drill. Some of the players signed on training camp deals struggled on the field and things got pretty bad for LA. Maybe Pelinka should move on with new names. Davis is an optimist about the offense and he can’t wait to hit the floor with his teammates. LA needs all superstars on the basketball court.

“Offense will come. We’re not too worried about it, especially when we get Bron, Melo, TA and Russ out there,” Davis said. “But it was the first game to see where we are, and we got to do a better job defensively, especially blocking out.”

It’s a long season for LA and NBA experts have a few predictions. LA looks good. They have all the right players. What’s next?