Lakers Plan to Honor Pau Gasol in Big Way Following His Retirement

The Los Angeles Lakers are planning to honor Pau Gasol in a big way after he announced his retirement. The Lakers played their first preseason game last night. Obviously, it is nearly impossible to take anything from preseason games as they don’t matter and rarely have any of the starting line up playing. But it was interesting to see the players back on the court after a long off season. Their first real game will be on October 20th against the Golden State Warriors.

But the Lakers are not only focused on the basketball side of things. They have also announced a special notion for a former Laker player. Pau Gasol is set to retire. The Lakers office decided to retire his jersey in the rafters.

Gasol and late Laker legend Kober Bryant had a great relationship.

“I want to make a special mention to Kobe Bryant. I’d very much like him to be here but life is sometimes very unfair. He taught me how to be a better leader, better competitor, what it meant to be a winner,” Gasol said.

Lakers Plan to Honor Pau Gasol in Big Way Following His Retirement

Gasol and Kobe had a great relationship. He famously talked about the first time he saw Kobe and played with him.

“Right away from the first game he started speaking Spanish. On our coverages, on our plays. It was great. It was something that I obviously didn’t expect at the beginning, even though I knew that he spoke really good Italian because he spent quite a bit of time in Italy when his dad played there when he was young.”

“But then being married to Vanessa, she speaks Spanish very well (and) obviously he picked up some stuff. He was great, we did speak quite a bit of Spanish, especially our first years so that the opponents couldn’t understand. And they would point it out, they would go ‘what are you guys talking about?’ It was pretty funny … It created that bond and that relationship from the get go, and he set the tone.”

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