Lakers Reportedly Set to Release 4 Players as Regular Season Approaches

The Lakers are reportedly going to release 4 players are the regular season approaches to within a few days. The Lakers did not look very impressive in their preseason games. The preseason does not matter very much in the grand scheme of the 82 game regular season. But it was interesting to see them struggle against teams that they should not have had any issue with. With that being said, the Lakers players have said that it won’t be an issue going forward.

Now, it looks as though the Lakers are going to be releasing four players before the start of the regular season. Most of these names won’t mean much for the average fan and was probably something that we could have seen coming.

Lakers Reportedly Set to Release 4 Players as Regular Season Approaches

Frank Vogel talked a bit about the teams’ struggles in the preseason.

“We gotta be better. We haven’t played great. There’s going to be an adjustment period with so many new faces. We understand that. Hopefully, it doesn’t take too much time to get everybody on the same page and in sync.”

“Just a lot of guys trying to integrate into a new system with new teammates. A lot of missed queues on pass and catch situations, lobs, etc. Situations we were a little too careless with the basketball. You see it a lot with vets in the preseason but definitely got to be better.”

“Well I think our pace is really good, you know I think we are really committed to it and in these preseason games, our guys are really playing to exhaustion. You know, which is what we’re asking of them, you know when you push the pace and your legs get a little… you’re tired tonight, but your legs get stronger tomorrow. You know pushing through that stuff and playing through the exhaustion in these last couple of preseason games is going to make us stronger on opening night. I still think we gotta long way to go on the defensive end and you know with getting everybody integrated and up to speed with how we do things, but every time we touch the floor there’s growth and development.”