LeBron James Admits ‘Burning Desire’ to Surpass Michael Jordan

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James is motivated by so many factors, and surpassing Michael Jordan is one of them. The Lakers superstar has been around for two decades and many would say he is the greatest NBA player of all time. LeBron considers himself the GOAT for taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to the big win in 2016. However, people like Stephen A. Smith say that LeBron would never beat MJ. What does LeBron have to say about this? Years ago, he said he was chasing the ghost from Chicago.

Now LeBron says there’s a burning desire to beat Jordan. Dave McMenamin’s article shares LeBron’s story. According to this article, winning six titles motivates him to play his best basketball each night.

“James already replaced Michael Jordan as the premier postseason scorer back in 2017 and told ESPN at the start of training camp that adding to his four championships in hopes of getting closer to Jordan’s six remains a deep passion.

“’I still have a burning desire inside of me to want to continue to win and hold Larry O’Brien’s Trophy at the end of the season,’ James said.”

LeBron James is on a good way to blast Michael James

We can definitely understand that. LeBron is all-in when it comes to winning games and he can easily win a couple of titles in the next few seasons. LeBron is 36 but his game is still strong. The Lakers brought him around and gave him a contract extension. We all know what that means. LeBron will sure play a few more solid seasons and LA needs his dominance.

The team is not winning yet and there’s a big clot in their system. Well, LeBron is confident about his new team and he knows that his fellow veterans will win a lot of games.

Chasing those rings will get LeBron going and you know the drill. Let’s see what happens in a couple of weeks. If the Lakers don’t stop winning games, the front office should consider making some changes. Cut some players? Bring a few players in? The list of possibilities is really long. You are free to make guesses.