LeBron James, Frank Vogel Discuss Emotions Of Russell Westbrook Debut In Hometown

Russell Westbrook will have his debut in his hometown and the Los Angeles Lakers are ready for the challenge. The team traded for the talented player and they made a smart choice. Westbrook came back home to win some games.

The Lakers will have their season opener against the Golden State Warriors. Head coach Frank Vogel will help Westbrook do his best shot in front of his people.

“Yeah, just keep an eye on him,” Vogel said. “Obviously he’s seen it all, emotional games and big games and whatnot, and obviously he’s gonna want to just go out there and kill it right away. So if we need to take a timeout or get subs we’ll be ready to, but I don’t think you need to sit down and talk like that.”

Vogel has to calculate the minutes his players will get on the floor.

Russell Westbrook is ready for his debut in his hometown

LeBron James knows what it looks like to play in the hometown. The king has been there before.

“He’s well-equipped,” the four-time NBA champion said. “He’s well aware. It will hit him tomorrow, though. No matter how much preparing you can do. You can never understand the gratifying moment when you actually run out of the tunnel being a Laker and I can only imagine how it feels to be actually from here, too.

“So to have his family and his friends here not just for like one night when he comes into town. They’ll be here for at least 41 games. … I’m extremely happy for him.”

Let’s see what happens tonight. Vogel wants to get the best of Westbrook and he will definitely want to see his great athleticism on the floor. The head coach has great expectations and he is convinced that Broddie will be a good fit for the team. He has the right passion and we all know that he is one of the most competitive players in the NBA. Many have compared him to late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. We want to see the great guy in action with his new team. Game on!