LeBron James Gets Shocking Compliment From Skip Bayless

LeBron James has received a pretty nice compliment from Skip Bayless. LeBron James and the Lakers were not looking very impressive during their preseason games. The fans were expecting much better performances than they got. But according to most of the Laker players, it won’t be an issue going forward. We will see if the poor play from the preseason transfers to the regular season soon as the season is set to start on October 20th. They will be taking on the Golden State Warriors.

But one thing that we do know is that Skip Bayless always has something to say about LeBron James and the Lakers. Well, that didn’t change today, when he made an Instagram post about LeBron.

“Hey, LeBron, I am UP here in LA. Are you? I’m preparing for my first workout of the day. Are you? LeBron? WAKE UP, LEBRON!”

You can take a look at the post here.

LeBron James Gets Shocking Compliment From Skip Bayless

“I will start off with your man LeBron James,” Bayless said addressing Shannon Sharpe. “The quote on quote ‘king’. The phony GOAT. I thought LeBron James played great last night. I thought he looked, I’ll go this far, an MVP candidate. Going into his 19th season, I’m gonna give you MVP candidate. … He came out on a preseason mission last night. He said ‘enough is enough’.”

Skip Bayless is a well known Laker hater so to see him say a positive thing about LeBron is surprising. He has come out with some pretty bad things to say about him previously.

“Because LeBron is a nice guy, I’m going to try to be a nice guy today and give his new movie a C,” Bayless said. “… To me, the new ‘Space Jam’ is no closer than the original than LeBron is to Michael Jordan the basketball player. … I think he lost badly once again to Michael Jordan in this movie.”

It will be interesting to see how well the Lakers can move forward from the bad preseason that they had. It shouldn’t be a problem, though.