LeBron James Reacts to Carmelo Anthony Going Off For Lakers

LeBron James has given his input on Carmelo Anthony going off and putting up some big numbers for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are coming off a win against the Memphis Grizzlies. This was their first win on the season and in the presaeson which has surprised some fans and NBA pundits. Many expected them to pop off from the beginning but that simply did not happen. That is to be expected considering the huge roster shake up from last year.

One of the new players who have made their way to the Lakers is Carmelo Anthony. And he came up big time in the Lakers recent game. LeBron talked about the big game from Carmelo and was impressed to see him play like that. Melo has not done much in recent years, moving from Oklahoma City to Portland.

LeBron talked about what he saw from Carmelo.

LeBron James Reacts to Carmelo Anthony Going Off For Lakers

“I think it’s always sweeter when you win and even more sweeter when it just happens organically,” James said.

“He was playing straight up flow and rhythm basketball. To move into ninth all-time on the scoring leaderboard is special. Usually, when some of my friends have these kinds of achievements, I text them or call them or Facetime them and put something on social media. In this case, I got to do it in person because he’s my teammate now. I got to do it in person. That made it special for me.”

Anthony also talked about it.

“I keep saying it’s an honor and blessing to be on that list and pass Moses (Malone) for what he did for the game of basketball,” said Anthony after the game. “It’s hard to put it into words. That I’m still here and doing it, that’s what I’m excited about, that’ I’m here in year 19 and doing what I’m able to do. I’m still passionate about the game, and I’m still passionate about coming to work and getting better.”

It will be interesting to see how the Lakers turn this win into the future. Will they be able to put together a streak?