LeBron James Shares Hilarious Reaction On Seeing Russell Westbrook Crip walk During Lakers Game

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James missed two games due to an ankle injury, but he returned right on time for the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a good game and the Lakers won it. That’s not all. LeBron was pretty amused by Russell Westbrook and his crip walk.

Broddie enjoyed the game and the music in the arena hit him really hard. On his way to the rim, the nine-time All-Star did his crip walk. LeBron watched the video and had to react. If you ask the king of basketball, he will say “something is really wrong with him.”

He was joking. Of course. However, we wouldn’t agree with him on this one. Westbrook had a slow start of his first season with the Lakers. The front office traded three players to get him and Westbrook struggled to score. LA wanted him for a reason and he wanted to be a Laker for a reason. The Lakers entered the regular season as favorites to win the championship. Surprisingly, they didn’t win any games in the preseason and entered the 2021-22 NBA season with a couple of losses.

LeBron will see more of Russell Westbrook and this crip walk is the cherry on top

Westbrook pulled out some crazy tricks and the team benefited from his scoring. Although some experts voiced concerns about his performance or the lack of it, Broddie proved them wrong. He kept getting questions about his struggled. There’s no room for panic at the moment.

It’s a long season and Lakers players have a long way to go. They lack strong weapons as some of the key players ended up dealing with serious injuries. Trevor Ariza and Kendrick Nunn are expected to miss significant time. Wayne Ellington missed a lot of time but he may return to the floor sooner than expected. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is impressed with his progress and the team will evaluate him. Ellington didn’t play against the Cavaliers. It’s too soon to throw him in the fire. LA did a good job last night and this is just a warning for the rest of the league.