LeBron James Slammed by an Iconic NBA Legend For Controversial Comments

LeBron James would never force other people to get the COVID-19 jab and some people said this was the most controversial comment he has made in his long NBA career. NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar doesn’t agree with LeBron on this one.

The four-time NBA champion wouldn’t mess with other people’s lives. He won’t force others to follow his example. He and his loved ones got the jab and they did so after doing thorough research. However, LeBron doesn’t believe he “should get involved in what other people should do for their bodies and their livehoods.”

LeBron James surprised Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with his “controversial” comments

Abdul-Jabbar supports global immunization and even called out unvaccinated players for making a mistake. He delivered a big message for LeBron and it’s related to his “controversial comments.” Of course, Abdul-Jabbar likes LeBron and supports his great work on the floor. However, he doesn’t like the way LeBron handled this issue.

“But this time LeBron is just plain wrong—and his being wrong could be deadly, especially to the Black community,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote on his Substack.

“Actually, it couldn’t have been said worse. On the surface, it appears that Draymond and LeBron are arguing for the American ideal of individual freedom of choice. But they offer no arguments in support of it, nor do they define the limits of when one person’s choice is harmful to the community. … We’re all for freedom, but not at the expense of others nor if it damages the country.

“The only support for Draymond’s statement is his belief that when people ‘press hard’ there’s something inherently wrong with their opinion. There is no logic to that statement. If I press hard against institutional racism (and other various injustices) … am I automatically wrong? On the contrary, the passion of those urging vaccines might suggest there’s some urgency to their opinion.”

How will LeBron react to this? He has the right to make a decision and maybe Abdul-Jabbar should respect that. Let’s see how will LeBron react to this. Maybe he will just ignore the whole thing.