LeBron James’ Smug Remark on Preseason Games Might Earn Him More Haters

LeBron James had a bit of a smug remark on the Lakers preseason games that might earn him a few more haters going into the season. The Los Angeles Lakers are looking forward to getting their season started off right. The regular season is set to tip off on October 20th against the Golden States Warriors. The Lakers have already met with them one time in the preseason and it did not end well. Luckily the Lakers should be more locked in once the regular season starts.

But LeBron James has recently had an interesting opinion on the preseason and what it is all about. He talked about what it meant to him and apparently, not much. The Lakers were already not looking very impressive in the preseason and maybe this is why.

“All I’m saying, for me, it’s nothing I’m going to learn in preseason at this point in my career, nothing at all. I’m not gonna learn anything, nothing. We’re working our habits and building camaraderie and chemistry on the floor, and that’s always good.”

LeBron James’ Smug Remark on Preseason Games Might Earn Him More Haters

“I care about practice court than I care about the preseason games. You get out there, you play rotations, they’re trying to figure it out and things of that nature, so there’s so much that you can get out of a preseason game. I love our practices; I love to see what we are doing and continue to work behind closed doors.”

He also had some words after yet another blowout at the hands of the Phoenix Suns.

“We pretty much have got a whole new offensive system this year that we’ve been working through over our practices since training camp started,” James told reporters. “It’s an adjustment for us offensively, just having guys in different positions, having guys in different places on the floor with our new look and what we’re trying to do.”

Russell Westbrook also mentioned some stuff to reporters after the game.

“The turnover stuff is on me, but good thing they don’t count,” Westbrook told reporters after losing to the Suns. “Turnover it over 15 times. Ain’t nothing nobody can do about it. It’s all good. It’s on me, though.”