Looks Like Jamie Collins Paid Lot of Money For His Old Patriots Number

Jamie Collins joined the New England Patriots for his third stint and he wanted his old number back. That’s right. The Patriots gave him No.30, but the veteran decided to make a change. Collins talked to the media Friday and talked about all the things related to his return and his role with the team.

“Thirty didn’t look too hot on me out there,” Collins said. “I ain’t going to lie. It ain’t look too hot.”

The Detroit Lions cut Collins just because struggled with the team. He was a good fit but the new coaching staff didn’t want to use his services anymore. They used the rookie as a replacement for Collins.

Collins switched numbers. He pulled a few strings and made a move to get his old number back. He felt like No.58 again. Well, I guess Anfernee Jennings doesn’t mind switching number. He won’t suit up for the team by the end of the season. This made things easier for the change.

“I had to do what I had to do, man, to try to go back to five-eight,” Collins said. “One of the young boys had it, but he was kind enough to let me get it off of him, and I appreciate him for that.”

Collins’ comments made us believe that he paid a lot of money to get his number back.

“I just paid the man off,” Collins said. ” … I took good care of him. I’m blessed, I’ve been blessed, so I’m always looking to help people. Definitely gave him a chunk of change for it.”

The Patriots lost the game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are getting ready for the Houston Texans and this will be another important game for the squad. The team looks great at the moment despite all the challenges on the field. injuries, departures… New England lost Stephon Gilmore, but they have a few great options to use at the moment.