Mac Jones Releases Statement Following Epic Comeback Against Texans

The New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans and won their road game. It was a good win for head coach Bill Belichick and his team. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones led the Patriots to a comeback in the game vs Texans. He didn’t give up without a fight though. Quarterbacks receive hits all the time and Jones knows it best. He was hit in the chin and yes, there was blood. Fans panicked but Jones feels great. That’s exactly what he said following the win.

Center David Andrews said Jones was a tough guy and he had a really good reason to say this. The rookie feels great and he didn’t pay much attention to the injury… or the blood.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Jones told the media in his postgame news conference. “I just got bumped and it just was bleeding. It’s part of the game. Nothing hurts, so I feel great.”

Bill Belichick praises Mac Jones for leading the Patriots to a comeback vs Texans

Jones was able to complete 23 of 30 passes for 231 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. The Patriots trailed Houston throughout the game but Jones led the team to a comeback in the second half. It was a good comeback and Jones earned words of praise from his teammate and coach Belichick.

Coach B liked the way Jones moved the ball adding that the rookie “made a lot of good decisions.” Of course, he praised his leadership, resilience, and great effort. Jones seems to be doing the right thing and he is a good fit for the Patriots. He is just a rookie and he is already playing at a high level. Belichick supports the rookie and that says pretty much everything you should know about Jones’ future in New England. He looks like someone who could be the franchise quarterback.

Beating the Texans was a big move and this sets up a good base for the team. They won two games so far and this is just the beginning of another wild season. Who is next on the table? Jones and his teammates are ready for that opponent. It’s a great opportunity for everyone.