Mac Jones Reveals What He Eats Before Every Game

The New England Patriots are winning games and things look for the team. The team decided to trust a rookie and their first-rounder beat Cam Newton in the quarterback competition this summer. I guess Mac Jones eats the right foods to perform at this level. He is really confident about his game and New England beat the New York Jets with his help.

The rookie went on WEEI’s Merloni and Fauria to discuss the win over the Jets and also discussed other common topics. Can you make any guesses? Believe it or not, Jones eats steak, eggs, and spaghetti before each important game. He likes this combo and it gives him great results. Proteins, right?

“It’s always the same thing regardless of the kickoff,” Jones said. “Same thing in college. Just getting into a routine. I’ve eaten that at six in the morning before 11 o’clock games in college. It’s just part of the routine that I’ve gotten into. It just kinda gets your mind ready. It’s nothing crazy. I think it’s a pretty simple meal.”

Mac Jones eats his dessert, too!

What about his postgame meal? Jones likes to relax with his family, girlfriend, and the dog. He sweetens up the whole thing with Mochi ice cream.

“It had been chocolate chips for a long time,” Jones said, “But my new thing is the Mochi balls. It’s like the rice balls with ice cream in them. They’re so good.”

Jones joined the Patriots at the right time. He wasn’t the top prospect in the NFL draft but he had better results than other rookies. Zach Wilson struggled against Jones and his Patriots teammates. Jones is confident and he has the right skills. Head coach Bill Belichick noticed his potential and trusted him enough to give him the lead position. Jones had great performance in the summer and his game was equally sharp in the regular season. Patriots players like him a lot. Jones was able to develop strong chemistry with his teammates, and he has great connection with Hunter Henry. These two can make wonders on the field.