Mac Jones Reveals What Went Wrong On Patriots Interception Vs. Texans

The New England Patriots were able to beat the Houston Texans despite all the struggles. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones was able to complete 23 of 30 passes along with a touchdown and an interception. Texans safety Lonnie Johnson intercepted Jones’ pass. Similar to every professional out there, Jones took the blame for the interception. That’s how professionals handle situations. Jones is 23 and he has the right attitude. It takes years for players to develop this behavior on the field. Jones is skilled and dedicated.

“I just didn’t throw the ball very well,” Jones said in the postgame press conference. “Protection was fine. It was just a bad throw, and I didn’t step into it like I know how to do. I wish I had it back, but I’ve run that play a thousand times and completed it a lot, so I’ll watch it on film and figure out what I could have done better. But the timing was good. The route was fine. It was just me making a bad throw.”

Mac Jones helped the Patriots win despite the interception in the game vs Texans

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was impressed with Jones’ great performance. Of course, he wasn’t perfect, but he led the team to a big comeback. The Patriots trailed their opponent throughout the entire game, and Jones had a big role in the process.

“We just out-competed,” he told the media. “I don’t know if we outplayed the other team, but we definitely out-competed, and that’s all we can ask ourselves to do. There’s a lot of stuff that I’m going to watch on film and wish I had back, but sometimes it’s just — you’ve just got to find a way to win, and it feels better to not play as well and win but learn at the same time than play OK and end up losing. So, the win feels good.”

It was a good game for the Patriots and they did a good job. Patriots center David Andrews was impressed by the offensive line and he had great words for Jones. This sets up a good pace for the team and they are ready for the next opponent.