Mac Jones Shares What Tom Brady Told Him Last Night

Mac Jones got a chance to play against the greatest quarterback of all time at the very beginning of his NFL career, and Tom Brady sure motivated him. The New England Patriots lost the game to Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it was a really tight game. The Patriots had their lead and so did Tampa Bay. Bill Belichick and his guys finished the night with a 16-17 loss to the Buccaneers. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact, you’d all agree that Jones had an incredible night.

Many would say that this night was all about Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro. No, no, it was more about the era of Mac Jones. The first rounder did a magnificent job on the field and pretty much every NFL analyst praised his work. The rookie knew how to handle the GOAT and he almost won the game. This is his fourth NFL game, remember?

Mac Jones and Tom Brady talked at midfield

Brady and Jones had a short conversation at midfield after Sunday’s spectacle.

“[I] got a chance to congratulate him on the win and he’s a great quarterback and yeah, he played well tonight and that’s pretty much all there was to it,” Jones said. “He just told me to keep my head up and keep working.”

He will definitely be working. A lot of people will compare Jones to Brady and this won’t stop in the next few years. Oh wait… Fans will compare him for the rest of his life. That’s just how things work in the NFL.

Patriots players really like Jones and they all appreciate his great talent. According to wide receiver Kendrick Bourne, Jones was “relaxed” and this helped him be that efficient during the game. He was pretty confident about himself and this makes him an exceptional player. Tight end Hunter Henry has great words for Jones as well. He is impressed by the way Jones improved himself and he would sure like to see more of this in the next few games.