Matthew Judon Gives Candid Take On Patriots’ Rough Start, Shows Leadership

The New England Patriots could definitely do better than 2-4. Their current record is not that good, but players are really confident that they will do better later in the season. Matthew Judon talked about the situation in New England, including the leadership.

“It stinks, honestly,” Judon said of the current record. “It stinks. The past has been, quite frankly, (expletive) for us. We’ve been having some bad breaks.”

Judon is really honest and he didn’t even try to sugarcoat the whole thing. He said, “I could sit up here and say, ‘We coulda been,’ or, ‘We shoulda been,’ but the reality of it is we’re 2-4.”

Matthew Judon relies on strong leadership in New England

Patriots players have a chance to change the narrative and improve their record. Talented players can join forces and bring the team to the top of the group. They have to work really hard though.

“The one thing that we all are — we’re encouraged,” Judon said. “It’s not the end of the season. … We can change that. We can change that. And that’s why we’re all encouraged. We all know what we can do better, we all know what we need to do better and we’re gonna go out there and do it better — we have to, or it can get ugly real fast. … We not letting that happen.”

Patriots players made some mistakes in the past few weeks, but Judon believes that his teammates are really talented He knows what bad players look like, and he hasn’t seen any of that in New England.

“We know exactly who we have in the locker room,” he said. ” … I won’t let anybody come in here and think they a bad football player. We all have seen bad football players, and I don’t think we have any of those on the team. Not one guy.”

Great players win great games. New England lost the game to the Dallas Cowboys but they took it in overtime. Let’s see what happens in the game against the New York Jets. New England can win this one. Right?