Mic’d-Up Highlights From Patriots-Jets Reveal Sideline Vibes Amid Blowout

The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets and their locker room celebration was crazy. Players celebrated a 54-13 win that night. Many would agree that was the perfect revenge. Head coach Bill Belichick and his team entered the regular season with a loss and also lost the game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, players are motivated and their latest win was fire! There’s a mic’d up highlights video from the battle between the Patriots and their rival.

This mic’d-up highlights video hypes Patriots fans

The team shared the video days after the win and you don’t want to miss it. This video will hype pretty much every fan out there.

Head coach Belichick was so satisfied with the great work his players did on the floor that he went to the sideline to shake their hands. The Patriots head coach also delivered a speech in the locker room. He praised fullback Jakob Johnson and special teamer Cody Davis. Johnson was able to catch two passes for 32 yards and felled a defender with his arm. Davis had two special teams tackles and two assists.

Belichick told his players to “start believing in some of the good stuff we’re doing.” He advised everyone to g one day at a time and work on the best results. Bringing everything together is of utmost importance right now.

New England has a 3-4 record at this point of the regular season. They are playing against the Los Angeles Chargers at the end of this week. LA has a 4-2 record and beating them is quite a challenge. We do know that Patriots have everything they need to win games. They have to combine their skills and experience to beat their opponents. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones is leading the team and he is pretty confident about his leadership.

Let’s see how will things roll later in the regular season. Players like their game and their latest win will motivate them to try even harder this Sunday. LA players should get ready for the big wave coming their way.