Mic’d-Up Version Of Awkward Tom Brady Bill Belichick Postgame Hug

Tom Brady came back to Boston to beat the New England Patriots. He actually did beat his former team despite all the efforts Mac Jones and his team put during the game. This didn’t stop Brady from sharing an embrace with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and this hug will be making headlines for a really long time.

The NFL released the mic’d-up footage from THE hug. Brady hugged his former teammates. His hug with Belichick was short and it made everyone ask questions.

It’s interesting to note that Brady had so much to say to Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. What happened at midfield?

Brady and Belichick probably shared another hug in the locker room

Brady and Belichick talked shortly after the game but they did meet in the locker room. Belichick stayed there for 20+ minutes and that’s pretty much everything we know about this meeting. It happened at his request. Brady and his former head coach share this special bond and they’d never talk against one another. It’s like going against you family, right?

TB12 warned everyone that he’d never share details from his relationship with Belichick or the Patriots organization. He spent 20 seasons in New England and he is loyal. Yes, he left the team after two decades but he did what he thought was best for his career or whatsoever. Belichick did the same. This doesn’t change the fact that they have nothing but respect for each other. There have been a lot of theories about Belichick and his favorite quarterback and some guys even tried to add fuel to the fire. In “Better To Be Feared,” the author wrote that Belichick didn’t want to meet Brady after he made the decision to leave. Belichick denied all this and poured his praise over Brady.

We all know that Belichick respects Brady. He even said that Brady is the best quarterback.

New England lost three games in the regular season and Brady keeps winning. Jones is facing a good challenge and he is doing an excellent job on the field. He needs more help from his teammates though.