New Addition to Lakers Pushes to be Unleashed by Team

There is a new addition to the Lakers that is hoping to be unleashed by the team. The Lakers had their first preseason game last night and it was interesting to see how it went. Malik Monk, though, is hoping to impress in the off season, when most just go through the motions.

“Coming in and do what I did today, that’s my role and that’s what everybody expect for me and that’s what I’m gonna do,” Monk said after the Lakers’ loss to the Nets. “So, yes sir, we talk about it. There’s no need to talk about it each and every day once you tell me one thing, I’ll get it and I know what my role is.”

“I’m just looking forward to seeing his success, and whatever I can do on the court to make sure he get those open shots,” Howard said of Monk’s game. “We call him the microwave and then once he hit one shot it’s over. He’s already heating up. So, we’re going to make sure we keep his confidence flowing and just continue to get better. I love what he brings to the game and his team and I’m happy he’s here.”

New Addition to Lakers Pushes to be Unleashed by Team

It sounds like the team is still surprised they were able to pick him up.

“We’re still surprised we got him, to be honest,” Davis admitted during the post game press conference. “He’s such a hell of a player. We saw what he did out there the minutes that he played. He could score the ball, all three levels, play hard, make the right reads. So, he’s gonna be fun to have this [season].”

Vogel also talked about him

“I just think the versatility offensively of what he brings to the table has been what’s stood out most with Malik,” Vogel explained.l. “He’s had a great first few days for us, he really has. He’s shot the ball well, but he’s really just performed offensively in a lot of different ways. His cutting has been very effective, his movement without the basketball while running the floor, the ability to catch lobs both on the break and in the halfcourt, what he can do off the bounce, he can initiate offense.

“I wouldn’t put him as a full-time point guard, but you can run certain actions where he’s initiating for you, he’s comfortable with his handles. So his offensive versatility is probably what sticks out the most.”