New England Patriots Linked to Pro Bowl WR in Trade Speculation

The New England Patriots are linked to a pro bowl WR in some trade speculation that has come to light recently. The Patriots are 2-3 going into week 6 of the NFL season. It is clear that the team has quite a bit to work on if they want to make it to the playoffs this season. Being led by a rookie QB is never an easy thing to work with. Bill Belichick has made it clear that he trusts what the young QB is doing on the field.

He recently talked about Mac Jones and what he did on Sunday.

“Mac gave it to us all day,” Belichick said. “I thought we moved the ball. I thought he made a lot of good decisions. There were some checks that he had to make that he made throughout the day, but really the last drive was a third down conversion to Hunter [Henry] and then we had a couple good runs in there. But yeah, Mac’s been good for us all year in terms of his leadership, his resilience, and kind of always counting on him to do the right thing, and you know, he really does it at a high level, so it’s been impressive.”

New England Patriots Linked to Pro Bowl WR in Trade Speculation

But apparently, some people think that they need to look elsewhere. One of those places could be at the wide receiver spot. Chris Rolling thinks that the Patriots should be a team that should be interested in the Chicago Bears’ Allen Robinson.

This would be a pretty good pick up for the Patriots, who are clearly missing something on the offensive side of the ball. But is it realistic? Well, only time will tell as it seems like it could work. The offensive does feel stagnant at some points in the game.

This is to be expected with a rookie quarterback. But Belichick still thinks that he is the future of the program and it is only time to tell if it will move forward or not. Hopefully the answer to that question is yes.