New England Patriots Star Pass Rusher Has a New Nickname

The New England Patriots won their second game of the regular season and beating the Houston Texans was huge. Of course, players had some struggles but they ended up winning the night. Each and every Patriots player tried really hard to win this won and that’s what they did. Mac Jones led the team to the win and they overcame a huge deficit. Well, Jones wasn’t the only bright star in the night. Patriots pass rusher Matthew Judon was also brilliant and now he has a new nickname.

Patriots center David Andrews had great words for the offense and he praised Jones for his great effort. The offense was brilliant but the defense kept Texans under control. Judon had a key role in the process and his performance will be making headlines for a really long time.

The Patriots pass rusher earned his nickname

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell took notice of his great performance and took to Twitter to share his thoughts. He came up with a new nickname for the pass rusher.

“Dude with the red sleeves.”

Judon was great and he will sure help the Patriots win more games in the regular season.

These red sleeves attract everyone’s attention. Fans tend to notice things like this. Why is Judon wearing red sleeves?

“On turf … I just get cut up all the time, I got fragile skin, I guess. … Good skin, It get cut up on turf, so I was like, ‘skip this.’ I can’t be buying new bedsheets every night … Come home, there’s blood all over my bedsheets. So, I started wearing sleeves, and here I wear the red ones.”

Judon, Jones, and the rest of the Patriots players will have a chance to play their best game against the Dallas Cowboys. This will be another challenging game for the team. They have so much to prove at this point. Head coach Bill Belichick entered the regular season with a rookie and it looks like his decision was both bold and smart. The Patriots are winning games with this roster and that’s the only thing that matters.