Patriots Hinting At This Change To Starting Offensive Line For Jets Game

The Patriots are hinting at a change to the offensive line for the upcoming Jets game. The Patriots are now 2-4 on the season going into week 7 of the NFL season. There have been a lot of things said about this team and a lot of it, rightfully so. They have not looked sharp in many of their games. It is clear that this team is missing something big on the offensive side of things.

It looks now, though, that they will be making a big change on the offensive line. Mike Onwenu will likely be moving to the right tackle position. Many people have been looking for this change for a while.

“Mike’s one of our best offensive linemen,” head coach Bill Belichick said this week. “I thought he stepped in there, and we did what we felt was best for us in that game. I thought he gave us great effort.”

This is an interesting move that might have a big impact on the offense as a whole.

Patriots Hinting At This Change To Starting Offensive Line For Jets Game

Belichick also talked about the game as a whole against a poor Jets squad.

“So, we’re rolling here on the Jets. They certainly had an impressive win against the Titans a couple weeks back. [Zach] Wilson hit a lot of big throws. They continue to run the ball well. It’s a really good running team. They do a good job there. Defensively, they continue to play aggressively. One of the best red area teams in the league.”

“All those guys are high-motor guys. [John Franklin-] Myers has good power. Good speed on the edge. They do a good job pushing the pocket with their inside guys, so that makes it sometimes difficult for the quarterback to step up, which brings the outside guys into the rush. Quarterback can’t move up in the pocket, and then that brings them closer to him. I’d say, again, good complementary rush their run game is up there. Those big guys inside do a good job penetrating, and that clears some space for the edge guys.”

“It’s a lot of little things. They haven’t changed their offense or changed their defense. They’re better at it. They’ve got more experience doing it, and they’re better at it. We’re better together as a group in all three phases, playing good complementary football and having a better understanding of the scheme, what they’re asked to do, and how they do it.”