Patriots Make First Move After Trading Stephon Gilmore

The New England Patriots are trading Stephon Gilmore right now and this didn’t stop them from bringing a familiar name to the roster. Gilmore will get a chance to show his best game with the Carolina Panthers. Jamie Collins is entering his third stint with the Patriots. Handy, right? Signing Collins didn’t really make a splash in the NFL. Everyone wants to know more about the reasons head coach Bill Belichick had to cut Gilmore.

ProFootballTalk has more details of Collins’ arrival in New England.

“Collins was a 2013 second-round pick in New England and spent three-plus seasons with the team before being traded to Cleveland. He returned to New England in 2019 as a free agent and then signed with the Lions as a free agent. The Lions released him last week after attempts to trade him proved to be fruitless.

Collins had 10 tackles and a fumble recovery in two games with the Lions this season. His familiarity with the defensive scheme in New England should help him make a quick transition back to life with the Patriots.”

The Patriots are trading Stephon Gilmore and bringing back a big name

Collins had an excellent time with the Patriots. The Patriots got him for a reason. Collins helped the Patriots win games and he will do it again. Coach Belichick got another strong veteran and his defensive line looks much better now.

New England needs more talent at the moment. Belichick will probably pull out a few more moves throughout the season. The situation with Gilmore forced them to make such a move. There were negotiations but none of it worked. Gilmore had to go as he didn’t like his deal in New England. Maybe he will get a better deal with his other team. Who knows… He is not the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. The former Defensive Player of the Year wanted more.

It’s time for a new beginning and Collins got his third chance to win with the Patriots. He will probably contribute to the game this season. Belichick has high expectations for the player.