Report: Patriots Wanted To Send This Message With Late-Game Passes Vs. Jets

The New England Patriots got the best of the game against the New York Jets. It was more than obvious that Bill Belichick’s Patriots wanted to send a message to the Jets. They are rivals, remember? Players did a good job on both ends and finished the night with a 54-13 win. Oh, this was the perfect motivation for the team.

Patriots players were winning this game and Mac Jones fired a bomb to Kendrick Bourne. Everyone joined forces to get the job done. Classy!

Patriots sent the right message to the Jets and the rest of the NFL

Where did all this aggressiveness come from? According to Bourne, this was his team’s message for the Jets. New England had to improve the record and players used the opportunity to warn the NFL.

“It’s kind one of those games where we’re up by a lot,” Bourne said in his postgame press conference. “I could easily just relax and chill, but we’re trying to be dominant, man. We want to be that team that can do everything at any moment. Whether we’re down or up, we want to play how we want to play. And that play just shows that we were locked in.”

Jones threw a good ball to Bourne and analysts say this was his best so far.

“That thing fell in my hand,” Bourne said.

The Patriots beat New York again but their previous win wasn’t that spectacular. Bourne and his teammates weren’t super happy about it. They did a better job this time.

“Just keeping the foot on the gas, man,” Bourne said. “When we’re up by that much, it’s easy to come out of halftime relaxing, thinking we’ve got it in the big. But we came out playing better. The last time we played them, we won by 19, but we didn’t feel like we played like us. We let them do certain things to us that we don’t tolerate.

“And today, we just came out really prepared. You could tell that we’ve faced them before, and we prepared really well through the week. So shoutout to the team, man, how we played today.”

Belichick loved this game and he even went to his players to share their hands.

The Los Angeles Chargers will have the chance to meet this highly motivated team next week.