Report: Washington Football Team Makes Decision On Cam Newton

The Washington Football team has made its decision Cam Newton. Newton was the quarterback for the New England Patriots last season. It didn’t end as fans wanted but that was not all on Cam Newton. Obviously, the ship has most likely sailed for his time in New England. Now that Mac Jones is the starter, Bill Belichick and company are not likely to change this barring an injury.

Some thought that the Washington football team would be the ones to pick up QB Cam Newton. Well, it is possible that they have made their decision on that front.

“My understanding is that the Washington Football Team will continue to work with the quarterbacks on its roster (Heinicke, Allen, Fitzpatrick [hip]) with respect to Cam Newton’s availability & new vaccination status, at this time, per league source,” Anderson said on Twitter.

Report: Washington Football Team Makes Decision On Cam Newton

It will be interesting to see what they decide is best for the football team going forward.

The Patriots are now 2-4 going into week 7. They will definitely need to pick it up if they want to make it to the playoffs. Belichick talked about the loss.

“Tough one to lose tonight,” Belichick told reporters after the game.

“Give Dallas credit,” said Belichick. “They’re a good team, well coached. We just came up a little bit short. I thought we went toe-to-toe with them for 60 minutes. They just made a few more plays than we did. Let’s give them credit for that and move on.”

“They’re a good team and that’s what you have to do,” he explained. “You have to stop them.”

“He did a good job,” Belichick said of Prescott. “You know there were a lot of times where I thought we had him covered pretty well but he was able to extend some plays and made some great throws. They have very good skill players.”

“We covered a flat receiver and then they beat us on the over route,” he summarized, “another extended play. Obviously didn’t play it well enough, didn’t coach it well enough.”