Rodney Harrison Skeptical About Jamie Collins Patriots Return

Rodney Harrison is not really excited about the return of Jamie Collins. NFL fans wouldn’t agree with him and pretty much everyone is excited about his third stint with the team. The Detroit Lions did Bill Belichick a favor.

Harrison went on WEEI’s “Merloni & Fauria” to talk about Collins’ arrival in New England.

“It didn’t move me any when they said they were signing Jamie Collins,” Harrison said. “Maybe (Patriots head coach Bill Belichick) can get that fire back in him, and he’s probably the only coach that knows how to really utilize him. I don’t know, man. This might be it for Jamie. He needs to show that he can still play, that he still wants to play.”

Rodney Harrison wouldn’t take Jamie Collins

Collins had a great performance with the Patriots and he was good with the Detroit Lions, too. However, the new coaching staff in Detroit didn’t like his performance and they benched him for a rookie. Collins had some struggles on the field and it was more than obvious that the team would cut ties with him. Belichick didn’t waste his time and brought Collins right away.

” … and that was the thing that really stood out to me. I’m like, ‘Look how fast and athletic Tampa Bay linebackers look,’ ” Harrison said. “And the Patriots linebackers, the defense just looks slow. It’s always kind of looked like that, and it starts with those backers, man. Those guys have experience and things like that, but that’s something the Patriots definitely need to upgrade a little bit moving forward. That’s speed.”

Belichick has great group of players at the moment. He made some changes to the team and some of his players sustained injuries. Let’s see how will the new team handle the next game. Belichick and his team will meet the Houston Texans and this would be one of the most challenging games of the regular season. The most challenging game took place last weekend and the Patriots lost it.

New England has entered a challenging season and players have to show their best skills.