Russell Westbrook Anthony Davis Partnership Will Make LeBron James, Lakers Vey Happy

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the preseason opener to the Brooklyn Nets. Well, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook didn’t join Anthony Davis on the floor. AD played just 11 minutes and head coach Frank Vogel played guys who got training camp contracts. It was a messy experiment, and LA lost the match. This was probably the best experiment Lakers coaches could ever do. The regular season is almost here and Vogel has to create the perfect lineup.

Vogel has great words for his new squad and he really likes the way Russ and Davis connect. Tuesday’s practice was fire and Vogel is pretty happy with the outcome. Russ didn’t play in the match against Brooklyn and his presence would have been a gamechanger.

“I think this is gonna be really good,” Vogel said of the Westbrook-Davis partnership.

Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis to join forces for the win

The Lakers need all the energy they can get on the basketball court. To be honest, Russell will bring tons of it during games. The team is entering an important season and they really need to see the best of every superstar on the floor.

If you ask Broddie, he will say that LA will get the best of his energy and enthusiasm. He will play with an excellent group of players and this is the best team he has ever been on. Westbrook will hit the court with his energy, effort, speed, and pace. He came to LA to win games and he trusts the process.

Let’s not forget that Westbrook is one of the most competitive players in the NBA. Just like great Kobe Bryant. A lot of analysts compared Westbrook to the late Lakers legend and we can definitely understand that.

LA may have the oldest roster in the NBA but everyone is pretty satisfied with the current “formula”. These “old” guys can do much more than any young star in the NBA. They will put their experience, skills, and loyalty on the table each and every day. That’s how you win games.