Shaquille O’Neal Made a Bold Statement About Lakers Russell Westbrook

Big Shaq watched the Los Angeles Lakers lose the opening game to the Golden State Warriors and he has something to say about Russell Westbrook. Yes, the newly added player was supposed to be the third player behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Well, the No.3 option didn’t do well. He just didn’t. Experts had high expectations from Westbrook. I mean, the front office traded three players to get him.

If you ask Shaw, he will say that Westbrook is more like a “role player” for the team. He is fine with LeBron and Davis, but he would definitely label Westbrook as a role player. Maybe he made this claim because Westbrook didn’t help the team win games in the preseason. He was probably disappointed by Broddie’s debut in his hometown.

“They still need role players, right?” O’Neal said. “I see Russ as a role player, a damned good one, but he’s a role player. It’s LeBron [James] first, AD (Anthony Davis) second and then Russ. He can get his stuff on the break.”

Shaq made a mistake about Russell Westbrook

The Lakers have a long way to go and players have yet to develop the ultimate chemistry. Frank Vogel is working with a bunch of talented players who know how to play the game. However, they have to find a way to combine their skills and talent on the floor. LeBron is confident about this and he knows that his teammates will find a mutual language.

LeBron and AD talked to Westbrook following the loss to Stephen Curry and his team. Broddie was visibly frustrated and he really had high expectations from this game. He will have a chance to fix the damage in the upcoming game against the Phoenix Suns.

Westbrook didn’t reveal much about the conversation he had with LeBron and AD. He just said that they talked about the loss. We can make a few guesses now but we will just wait and see what happens in the upcoming game. Players will definitely make some changes in the game. Vogel is calculating his risks and this may lead to a different lineup.