Stephen A. Smith Has Clear Message On LeBron James vs Michael Jordan Debate

The GOAT debate has been making headlines for a really long time. Most NBA fans would agree that LeBron James beats Michael Jordan in the debate. Stephen A. Smith likes to add fuel to the fire once in a while. He is pretty loud and clear when it comes to making a pick. We could all agree that Smith enjoys talking about this. Wonder why? He does this to annoy LeBron’s fans.

We all know that Smith is a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls legend. Instead of talking about the “sports equinox” that took place on October 21, Smith decided to bring up the GOAT debate. He talked about Jordan and LeBron and fans got pretty upset.

Are you even surprised?

LeBron will beat Jordan in any debate

Smith has already said that LeBron “will never be as good as Michael Jordan.” He even said that nothing LeBron does will help him surpass Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time. Smith went that far to say that LeBron “will never be my number one.”

King James deserves nothing but respect at this point. He has won four titles and four NBA Finals MVP awards with three different teams. He is on a good way to get that fifth ring.

Let’s not forget that the king of basketball won his fourth title inside the NBA bubble in Orlando. The Lakers managed to get that win in the middle of a pandemic. They were away from their families and it was really hard.

LeBron didn’t win a ring with his first season with the Lakers. He got a ring in his second year as a Laker. Season 3 wasn’t that great either. The Lakers entered the season as favorites to win the ring but both LeBron and Anthony Davis missed time on the floor. This pushed the franchise to the bottom and LA left the battle field in the first round of the playoffs. Let’s see what happens this season. LeBron is surrounded with great players and Frank Vogel has great plans for the team.