Steve Belichick Reacts To His Face Becoming Meme

Steve Belichick is one of the reasons people smile every day and his meme adventure will be making headlines for a really long time. People know him as the Patriots outside linebackers coach and Bill Belichick’s son. Well, he didn’t really think that he would become a meme on Sunday Night Football. Steve went viral for this and let’s just say people can’t stop talking about the faces he was making during the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Of course, the Patriots lost the game against Tom Brady. It was pretty intense and players tried really hard to keep the whole thing under control.

Steve Belichick probably saw each and every meme

Reporters wanted to know more about these faces, and Steve got a few interesting questions during Tuesday’s press conference. The 34-year-old offered a hilarious response.

“Yeah, I heard about that,” Steve said. “I saw some of that stuff. I mean, nothing I can do about that. Don’t know. It is what it is. Yeah, I don’t know. There are some good ones out there.

“The first person I saw after the game was (former Patriot Patrick) Chung. He let me know about it. He thought it was funny. It was an eventful afternoon for the family so there was a lot going on in my head outside of football. He understood that and we kept it lighthearted.”

Head coach Belichick taught him well. He set up a good example for his son. Steve learned a lot from his father who happens to be a man of a few words. Belichick doesn’t talk much and always provides short answers. That’s exactly what his son did when reporters asked him about his faces.

Former Patriots safety Patrick Chung was the first to mention these faces. I guess everyone finds this hilarious. Steve is a good man who tries really hard to contribute to the game. Patriots coaches and players have led the team to a couple of wins so far in the regular season. They have a 2-3 record at this point of the regular season. It’s time to get those numbers up!