Vanessa Bryant Reveals Emotional ‘Kobeism’ She Gave Candace Parker Before WNBA Championship Game

Vanessa Bryant has revealed an emotional “Kobeism” that she gave Candace Parker before the WNBA championship game. It has been a long and hard few years for Vanessa Bryant, who is still reeling after the loss of her husband, Kobe Bryant. In fact, it has been a tough time for the entire NBA and anyone who watched it. Kobe was a beloved part of the Laker and NBA community and his loss was hard on everyone.

Now, though, Vanessa has turned at least some of her sadness into motivation for Candace Parker of the WNBA. The WNBA title run is currently in full swing. Take a look at what Vanessa Bryant said about her Kobeism that she gave Parker before the game.

Vanessa Bryant Reveals Emotional ‘Kobeism’ She Gave Candace Parker Before WNBA Championship Game

NBA players struggled with the loss of Kobe. But none more so than his friend Pau Gasol, who talked about Kobe and his ability to speak Spanish.

“Right away from the first game he started speaking Spanish. On our coverages, on our plays. It was great. It was something that I obviously didn’t expect at the beginning, even though I knew that he spoke really good Italian because he spent quite a bit of time in Italy when his dad played there when he was young.

“But then being married to Vanessa, she speaks Spanish very well (and) obviously he picked up some stuff. He was great, we did speak quite a bit of Spanish, especially our first years so that the opponents couldn’t understand. And they would point it out, they would go ‘what are you guys talking about?’ It was pretty funny … It created that bond and that relationship from the get go, and he set the tone.”

This is a great story from Pau who grew very fond of Kobe Bryant during his time in the NBA.

Obviously, it is still a sour subject for many people around the NBA. But it is nice to see Vanessa turning this into a positive. Let’s hope we can continue to see more stories like this.