Watch: Carmelo Anthony Throws First Bucket For Lakers As Glorious As Imagined

Carmelo Anthony dropped his first bucket for the Los Angeles Lakers and everyone is talking about it. He saw action in the game against the Phoenix Suns, but LA lost the match. LeBron James and Russell Westbrook weren’t playing. Melo and Anthony Davis joined forces with the rest of the team but it wasn’t enough. The Lakers signed Melo for a reason.

It took him three minutes to make an impact on the floor. Melo showed General Manager Rob Pelinka that he made an excellent choice in the offseason. Let’s not forget that Anthony is one of the best scorers the NBA has ever seen.

Carmelo Anthony made big announcement with his first bucket

Melo has this incredible ability to score. LeBron will have great performance with the veteran by his side.

If you ask Lakers head coach Frank Vogel, he will say that the Lakers brought Melo to LA for a reason. Vogel likes the way Melo approaches the game. Of course, the veteran will help the team in multiple ways. He could be a floor-spacer, too. That’s what makes him an attractive option. Melo is an incredibly versatile player and NBA teams wanted to get the best of him.

In the game against the Phoenix Suns, Melo went 4-of-10 for eight points in 17 minutes. However, he has an incredible skill set and many would agree that he is the best addition for LeBron and AD. Melo can make his own show and this will be really important in the upcoming season.

Vogel said that Melo looked really well in his debut with the Lakers. The Lakers “didn’t space properly,” and Melo didn’t get much space to work in the post.

Playing alongside Davis is a big deal. Lakers players have the perfect motivation. They want to win. They came to LA to win. Melo and Broddie haven’t won a ring and they will go after their first championship.

Vogel has Melo, Davis, LeBron, Westbrook, and a few other great veterans on the floor. They are really ready to win this one. It’s showtime, everyone!