Watch: Mac Jones, Other Patriots Warm Up For Game Against Texans

Mac Jones and the rest of the Patriots teams are warming up for their game against the Houston Texans. The Patriots are 1-3 going into week 5 and fans were expecting better this season. The offense still is a bit lackluster with Mac Jones at the helm. He recently talked about the game and the season moving forward. It is clear that he has the drive needed in order to be successful. But it is also clear that something is missing in the offense.

“I think just coming in and learning from a lot of the older guys, I have a long way to go, and I just try to put my best foot forward every day, and we all want to win. So it sucks right now, but I think we have to take it for a positive and just trust our leaders,” Jones said.

“We have great leadership on the team, and I can do a better job in practice just being vocal, getting everybody going and I think we made strides but we just have to listen to our leaders and not lose hope. We have a long season ahead and there’s a lot of work to do and we have a lot of progress to make, so we will.”

Watch: Mac Jones, Other Patriots Warm Up For Game Against Texans

Here you can watch the team warmup live.

The Patriots are coming off a loss to Tom Brady who talked about the Patriots.

“I mean, all those are personal,” Brady said in his press conference. “We’ve had a personal relationship for 20-plus years. He drafted me here. We’ve had a lot of personal conversations that should remain that way and are very private.”

“We went against Tom Brady everyday in practice defensively, so it’s not like we’ve never seen Tom Brady before,” Belichick said postgame. “… They’re a good football team, he’s a great quarterback, I think that all goes without saying.”

The Patriots should be able to pull out a victory this week but it will take more from the offense. Only time will tell to see how Mac Jones progresses throughout the season.