Watch: Sneak Peek of LeBron James’ Incredible New Building at Nike Headquarters

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was honored with a nice building, and Nike was the first to drop the announcement. The four-time NBA champion has a lifelong deal with the company and this building says pretty much everything you should know about it.

Back in 2019, Nike confirmed it will name one of their buildings in the World Headquarters campus expansion after the king of basketball. This building is the sixth new composition at Nike WHQ and the project started back in 2015. LeBron was more than excited about the honor and he couldn’t even hide his excitement.

“It’s so surreal,” he said. “It’s been an honor to be a part of such a great company for the last 18 years. And to know that a building with my name will reside on campus — it’s truly an honor, and I feel truly special.”

LeBron proud of the new monster building at Nike headquarters

The LeBron James building is located in the north campus. Nike’s Beaverton-based Advanced Innovation team will be working there. Of course, the building will also have the Sport Research Lab. One thing stands for sure… These Nike guys are pretty serious about their “game” and we can easily say they are a dominant force on the market. There’s great competition out there, but nothing beats Nike’s dominance.

Here’s some more detail. Scientists, designers, and engineers will join forces to invent new products and provide better services for all customers, including athletes. Their facilities have “a full NBA-size basketball court and a 200-meter endurance track”. Not bad, huh? That’s not all. They also have “a 100-meter straightaway” and “an artificial turf training pitch.”

LeBron joined the winning team and this partnership tuned out to be one of the best deals he made in his career. King James is successful on and off the court and his deal with Nike will give him one billion.

These deals keep adding to LeBron’s net worth and that number grows bigger and bigger every day. What’s next on the table? We can only make guesses right now. LeBron is always winning.