Anthony Davis Gets Brutally Honest on Lakers Surviving Without LeBron James

Anthony Davis has been brutally honest on the Los Angeles Lakers and their ability to survive without LeBron James. To say the Lakers have been disappointing this season would be an understatement. They now have two losses to one of the worst teams in the league. The Oklahoma City Thunder have now beaten the Lakers twice in the past few weeks. The first one was embarrassing enough until it happened again.

Lakers rookie Austin Reeves was pretty honest about the play of the Lakers without LeBron James.

“Nobody is going to fill LeBron’s shoes but if everyone steps up and does a little more, we’ll accommodate the amount that LeBron does for us.”

Anthony Davis Gets Brutally Honest on Lakers Surviving Without LeBron James

Anthony Davis also had some truth about LeBron James and what the Lakers can do without him.

“We have enough pieces to still win basketball games even though he brings a huge part at both end of the floor with what we do.”

”We shouldn’t have lost this one,” Anthony said. ”It didn’t come down to LeBron not being here. … We’re OK, but it hurts to lose to the same team twice within a week in the same way, the same fashion. That’s something we’ve got to take upon ourselves and hold ourselves accountable.”

”For some reason, this team comes in every time and makes shots against us,” Davis said. ”There’s guys who we want shooting the ball, and they made shots. Nonetheless, we’re still supposed to win the game.”

Westbrook had some things to say as well.

”It’s interesting, but I’m a person that you just play the cards you’re dealt,” Westbrook said. ”Whoever is available, you have to make it work. We haven’t had our full team one time, not close. We just have to make the best of it and compete to the best of our ability.”

Head coach Frank Vogel also talked about the loss.

”Any time LeBron’s out and he’s going to miss some time, there’s obviously concern,” Vogel said. ”Hopefully this is something that’s minimal, and hopefully he’ll be back soon.”