Frank Vogel Makes Bold Revelation About LeBron James

People like Skip Bayless don’t think twice before spilling their venom. Bayless is not a fan of LeBron James. Wait, that’s not all. He also believes that LeBron will never ever win a ring or beat Michael Jordan in the GOAT debate. Some NBA analysts were a bit worried about LeBron’s shooting. There were also people who questioned LeBron’s dominance. Frank Vogel definitely believes that LeBron James has a lot to offer.

Yes, he is in his 19th NBA season and will turn 37 in December. But, we do know that age has nothing on the four-time NBA champion. LeBron is still going strong and his head coach knows it best.

Everyone is watching the Lakers in action, waiting for the first mistake. It’s because general manager Rob Pelinka brought a bunch of veterans to LA. LeBron’s doubters’ are here, too. Here’s what Vogel had to say about LeBron’s game.

“I wouldn’t say there’s any difference now than two years ago. He’s still playing at a super-high level. Until he rolled his ankle the other day, he was probably shooting the ball better than two years ago. I don’t know if the numbers support that, but he came out of the gate super hot. But he can still do it all, man.”

Frank Vogel trusts LeBron James

We will definitely agree on this one. LeBron plays elite basketball and he missed just a couple of games due to his ankle injury. The king of basketball is willing to carry his team to the playoffs. He is in his fourth season as a Laker. LA won one championship during the same stretch and LeBron has to stay healthy to make the playoffs this season.

Vogel likes his current team and he wouldn’t really make any changes at this point. He has the Big 3 leading the team and things look really good now. Fans would love to see even stronger wins from the team but we are at the beginning of the regular season. LA has  a lot of new names on the roster and they need time to adjust the game.