Hall Of Fame Quarterback Stacks Up Mac Jones To 2001 Tom Brady

The New England Patriots selected Mac Jones in an effort to fill up the void Tom Brady left behind. Head coach Bill Belichick got him in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Jones entered a quarterback competition with veteran Cam Newton. He won it, of course.

Jones is doing a good job on the field and he has helped the team win a lot of games. Is he better than TB12? Kurt Warner has something to say the whole situation.

“I mean if you’re gonna back to that season, I would say you’re getting more from Mac Jones than you got from Tom Brady,” Warner said on “The Rich Eisen Show,” as transcribed by MassLive. “The team is built on a really, really good defense, very flexible defense … Then you have Mac Jones, who is playing ahead of his years. He’s a guy that has shown that he can make big throws for you.

“More importantly, he’s a guy that shows you he can make the right play most of the time. You get a quarterback that can make the right play most of the time and you’re gonna be in the mix for the playoffs. He just is going to get better and better and he’s doing more and more for this team.”

Mac Jones to replace Tom Brady

The Patriots got Brady in the sixth round two decades ago. He stepped in as a replacement for Drew Bledsoe and ended up stealing his job. The rest is history. Brady led the Patriots to nine Super Bowls and helped them win six. He left the Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won a ring in his debut with the team. He is Tom Brady after all.

When it comes to Jones, Patriots players accepted him right away. He may be young but he is definitely born to be a leader. The Patriots have won the last few games and they are about to beat the Atlanta Falcons as well. It’s a wild season for Jones and his teammates. Will they make the playoffs this season?