Insider Offers Bleak Insight on Possible Lakers Trade of Russell Westbrook

A Los Angeles Lakers insider has offered a pretty bleak update on a potential Russell Westbrook trade going forward. The Lakers are a bad team right now. They are very much on the outside looking in in regards to the playoffs and if they are not careful, they might miss out on it altogether. It is clear that right now, Frank Vogel does not know what the issue is and therefore, can’t figure out how to fix it. Having LeBron James back should help but it is not going to solve all of the issues they have right now.

As a result of these troubles, some are wondering about a potential trade solution involving Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has struggled this season and it is not looking for him going forward for the team. The Lakers expect to be a Finals team again this season and will do whatever they need to in order to make this happen. No matter how much he might want to be here, he has not looked like it.

Now, an insider has given his thoughts on how a Westbrook trade might happen, if at all.

“I don’t know how they get out of the experiment now. You can’t trade Russell Westbrook somewhere else. If Rob Pelinka could pull it off, he might move pass Tommy Sheppard for the Exec of the year race.”

Insider Offers Bleak Insight on Possible Lakers Trade of Russell Westbrook

Marc Stein also had some thoughts on this.

“Frank’s seat was toasty from minute one going into the season purely by virtue of the fact he only got a one-year extension. I cannot believe given the championship he won pretty much right off the bat, how that doesn’t get you an extension sooner, and how that didn’t get you more than a year. In coaching circles, it just kinda left a vibe of ‘well he’s being set up to be a scapegoat, in case things don’t go well’. That’s not coming from within the Lakers’ orbit, that’s more analysis from people around the league watching the situation. He has an incredible tough job, with an incredibly flawed roster, and if you wanna blame Vogel and think someone is going to come in and fix the Lakers issues, be my guest.”