Isaiah Stewart Breaks Silence on LeBron James’ Hit to His Face

Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James earned suspensions following their altercation last week. Both players got into a thing during the game between the Lakers and Detroit Pistons. LeBron elbowed Stewart at one point of the game and this blow resulted in a 15-minute delay. The Pistons big man got so angry that he even tried to go after LeBron. Players, coaches, and refs tried to contain him. It didn’t work as Stewart stepped over everyone just because he wanted a revenge.

The Lakers superstar kept it cool and he didn’t want to fight or something. He even told Stewart it was his fault. Of course, Stewart didn’t believe him and started running around like crazy. He even ran into the tunnel to get to the Lakers bench. It was crazy!

Several sources say LeBron tried to get Stewart’s number but he didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

Isaiah Stewart avoids LeBron James topic

Everyone is so interested in this altercation and Stewart keeps getting questions about his attitude. Yes, the same attitude that gave him a two-game suspension. LeBron missed one.

Stewart wasn’t in the mood of talking, but he did say that LeBron’s hit was intentional. He doesn’t believe that it was an accident. Unlike Stewart, LeBron insists it was an accidental blow.

“This is going to be my last time addressing it,” Stewart said. “I watched the film. Me personally, like I said, I didn’t feel like it was an accident. But this is my last time addressing it. My main focus right now is on my teammates and getting back to playing basketball. I’m not going to let that define who I am.”

The big man is coming back from his two-game suspension. The fun part? LA will play against Detroit again. That will be the game you don’t want to miss. Will they fight again? Let’s hope not. Players need to keep their chill. Missing a few more games is not an option. LeBron and Stewart wouldn’t risk their season. They both like to win and this motivation will keep them strong. And calm.